Everything You Need to Know About the MACKIE DL32R Sound Mixer

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Engineering live gigs can be quite challenging, especially if you do not have a good place to set up your mixer. With MACKIE DL32R Sound Mixer, you are less likely to encounter any problem, irrespective of the venue. That is because it gives you complete control over all the aspects of the mixer using an iPad app, regardless of where you place the mixer. With that, you can mix off stage, on stage, from the balcony, or wherever will feel more convenient to you. Below are some of the things you should know about MACKIE DL32R Sound Mixer.

It Is Fully Recallable

sound mixer at workSome go to the extent of using small tapes to help them remember the settings. With the DL32R Sound Mixer, you do not have to worry about such. You can recall all your previous settings with a single touch of a button. The 100% recall feature goes a long way in making your work easier and reducing your setup time.

Recordings and Playback

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Normally, recording a gig requires you to set up a computer and audio interface. You also have to do all the related wiring work at all the events you attend. MACKIE DL32R Sound Mixer includes 24×24 inbuilt recording tools. You only need to connect an external storage device via the USB port, and you will be ready to start recording. Recording audio is also easy, done by pressing the record button. The tools allow you to playback audio without having to interrupt the recording.

Virtual Soundcheck

sound mixerAs a sound engineer, soundcheck is among the most important tasks you have to do before any gig. Running the soundchecks can be a bit challenging if some of the band members run late. MACKIE DL32R Sound Mixer offers a good solution. It allows you to run the soundchecks by playing the band’s previously recorded audio through the right channels. It might even be easier and more convenient to run soundchecks without necessarily having the group on stage.

Included Software

The MACKIE DL32R Sound Mixer package includes free software designed to help you make the most from the mixer. The software consists of a variety of tools that are commonly used by professionals in the industry. You also get access to up to 16 plugins to make everything even better.